Brand Details

Is Boson an International Brand ?

Boson is the Brand name of Trans Water System Pvt. Ltd.Trans Water System is renowned Water treatment company which deals with manufacturing and supplying of water treatment systems.Boson is the name introduced for small Scale house hold products.

Product FAQs

Water Conditioner

Will the Conditioned Water be Chemically Soft ?

No. There is no chemical removal of hardness, chemically the water hardness will remain the same. However the hardness is in a different molecular sturcture and hence does not have the property to form scales.

What is TAC ?

TAC - Template assisted Crystallization. This was the term initially introduced by Scientist at Next Filtration USA, to indicate the template which assists the convertion of molecular change in hardness molecules. Boson Water Conditioner user this raw material and technology for its Water Conditioner systems.

My water is very hard, will the Water Conditioner work ?

The Water Conditioner system has uppper limitation of Hardness of 1200 ppm and TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) of 1800 ppm, above which the performance is significant Also if there is Iron > 0.3 ppm , Oil and Grease and BOD and COD affect the life of the media.


How do we install the system ?

The installation of the system is as similar as installing the Gyser for your house. It has 1 inlet and 1 outlet, the incoming water to your Bathroom, can be connected to the inlet of the system and the outlet of the system can be connected back to the same line which supplies the water to the bathroom.The system has one 1 inlet and 1 outlet hence can be installed once in a specific plumbing line. If the system is purchased from Bangalore, plumbers can be arranged to instal the system at additional cost at actuals.

What capacity of the system do I need?

We have systems of various capacities starting from 250 Lts per hr which will suit for a single bathroom connection. However if your apartment is being supplied with water from a Hydropnematic system then a higher capapcity system would be required.Generally if you have a 3/4 inch inlet line coming to your residence a 250 Lts /hr or 500 Lts /hr system is sufficient.

Can I install the Boson 250 and 500 Lts /hr system in the incoming pump line ?

No. Generally a 0.5 H.P pump pumps water upto 1500 Lts /hr and a 1 H.P pump about 2500 Lts/hr, the Boson 250 and 500 cannot be installed in that line.However, there are other system which can be installed in the sump line.

Not sure which product I should purchase ?

The most common problem with water is Hardness. Boson Water Conditioner is the product which solves Hard water problem without any chemical removal of minerals If you have other problems like Browish colour water, it most likley Iron in the incoming Water, Boson -IRF is the product which has to be used.If there is any other water quality issue, it is best to have the water fully tested to know the exact problem in the water and then our team can recommend the right solution.

We are looking for the entire builidng Water to be treated, do you have such products ?

Yes, we have bigger whole house systems. It is best to get the water tested before investing in a bigger system. Once we have the report, we will recommend the right system.Softeners, Conditioners, Iron Removal Systems, standard Water treatment Plants can however be purchased online at our website.

Can I have a custom design system for my water quality ?

Yes. A custom design system can be made to suit your requirement. However, it can be done for whole house system where the building has independent sump and overhead tank setup. For inidividual apartment, multiple product can be selected for various water quality problem, however the flow will be restricted.For designing a custom system, please send us the water report and we can get back with the right system. Please also fill in the questionarie to help us design the right system.